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At BHM we believe the security of your business is a key strategy to the overall success of your business.  Our team of trusted advisors can work with you to identify and evaluate risk and select optimal and appropriate coverages.  

Our trusted advisor will provide the following services:  

Claims Management-  A full time staff of claims professionals are available to assist in the review of losses.  They are available 24 hours a day.  They provide assistance in claim preparation and timely reporting there of.  They will perform a claims review, customized reports, monitoring and notification of settlements.  

Loss Control-  Our trusted advisor will provide professional loss control services.  They will work with you to reduce the chance of loss by understanding your unique business.  They provide services in a number of areas:

  • Property and Casualty
  • General Liability
  • Fleet Safety
  • Employee Safety

Risk Management-  To effectively mitigate or manage risk we can assist with the collection of data related to a variety of casualty and liability scenarios as the basis for the design of management programs for these potential loss situations.  The end goal is the implementation of a comprehensive insurance program that aligns with your business and the level of risk assumption.

Surety Bonding-  You may find at some point in time or as an integral part of the operations that your business will need to provide surety bonding.  Our advisor has a full range surety bonding options to guarantee that certain obligations will be met.  We can help you determine the bonding solution to meet your business needs.  Whether those needs are for ensuring contractual obligations are met or for non-contractual bond requirements, our team of professionals can help.  

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